Last Saturday GSF was our first work day of the school year. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out! It was an amazing turn out and we had a lot of fun! The garden looks beautiful and as a community we were able to get so much done! With the help of the volunteers, we were able to start a meadow in the CA native edibles area, build a mountain of compost, dig up and resoil old plots, build new plots, paint new signs, plant new seeds, spread out tons of hay, and so much more. Great job community!

Here’s some pictures from the event


some of our volunteers of all ages!




Executive Director Nat Zappia welcoming more volunteers



WD 6


A special thank you to our partners Root Down LA, Megan Hansen and Katy Atkiss, for providing the volunteers with a healthy and very tasty lunch of chili and a veggie platter w/ homemade ranch dressing.