May 2011

Mama and her six little kittens made a cosy home underneath one of the Canary Island Pines at the back of the garden. A very special thank you to Shawn Simons for taking them in, vaccinating them, and finding them homes! If anyone wants a kitten please let us know and we’ll put you in touch.


The incredibly Emily Ho came out the garden last week to make cookbooks with the 2nd graders for their first Seed to Table cooking class. Beautiful paper was donated by Soolip and the kids had a wonderful time creating designs for the covers of their books. We will keep you posted on the recipes we’ll put inside over the next few weeks!

The garden is zinging with new growth and the kids at 24th Street are busy as bees. The 4th graders, who’ve been studying California Missions, collected medicinal herbs from the garden and made liniments by pounding these herbs with olive oil. We then wrapped up the class by making tea from wild California Sagebrush just like the Native Americans – it sure was bitter but that didn’t stop everyone from drinking it (with lots of honey, of course).

The second graders, meanwhile, just finished a unit on garden habitats and painted gourds to use as birdhouses (and maracas!). First we sanded, then primed, then painted the gourds and they look beautiful. A very special thank you to Barbara at Windrose Farms for donating the gourds!

The Kindergardeners have been having a blast with their Seed to Table cooking classes. First, Chef Gino took them on a treasure hunt in the garden where they found an ancient recipe for delicious garden salad.

They then made deliciously silly banana people out of fresh fruits. This class brings the “art” of cooking to a whole new level!

That’s all for now (except for this picture of our beautiful artichokes!)