Our fourth workday in the garden this year was another screaming success.

We had the biggest turnout of kids yet, thanks largely to the 4th grade teachers who offered their students community service credit if they came.

Here, 4th grade teacher Ms. LaFleur arrives with her daughters:

And they did come, in droves. With their help, we weeded and mulched and mulched and weeded.




more weeding

We also had help from tree specialist and master gardener Herb┬áMachleder, who helped prune our fruit orchard. We’re hoping that with his help, and our garden manager’s capable hands, we can double our already productive crop next year.

Herb explains some fruit tree intricacies

We played games…

Are they students or a train?

…we looked for bugs…

field guide and magnifying glass in hand, this student goes hunting

…we scraped paint off tables.

scraping paint

We got done everything we wanted and more. Workdays are an incredible chance for us to make a big push in the garden — there’s only so much one or two people can do alone; it’s great to have so many hands. But workdays are also an incredible chance for us to connect with the students and their families in a whole different way, a time for us to remember what we’re trying to do and why. Plus, they’re really fun — more than one kid asked if we could have them every week!